“Z.O.A × Boris” 9/22振替公演のお知らせ

2020.03.12 [Information]

3月8日にKOENJI HIGHで開催予定でしたZ.O.A × Borisの2マン公演ですが、

The Z.O.A. and Boris show that was planned for March 8th at Koenji High (Tokyo) has been postponed until September 22nd as a safety precaution due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Concerning the postponement, please see the following regarding ticket refunds and the reopening of ticket sales.
Thank you for your understanding and support in this difficult time.


■ 2019 10/13公演のチケットをお持ちの方

■ 2020 3/8公演のチケットをお持ちの方

4/12 KOENJI HIGH店頭、e+
問合せ : 高円寺HIGH(03 5378 0382)

*Refund Period
Friday, March 13, 10:00AM – Thursday, March 19, 11:59PM (Japan Standard Time)

*For ticket holders of the original October 13, 2019 show

*For ticket holders of the postponed March 8, 2020 show

*Ticket sales reopen for the postponed 9/22 show on Sunday, April 12

Available at the Koenji High box office, or via e+
Inquiries: Koenji High (03-5378-0382)