A message from Henry Rollins on our new album, “NO”

2020.07.09 [Information]

NO is more than the new album by Boris. It is their reaction and comment on the current state of the world as they see it. It would be all but impossible to deny that almost every aspect of human life has been impacted. No matter where you’re from or how you’re living, things are different than they used to be.
The collective uncertainty, anger, frustration, confusion and sheer life on the edge existence is reflected in NO.
All Boris albums are memorable listening experiences and we fans are continually gratified by this excellent and thankfully prolific band. NO is an eleven track/40 minute explosion of ultra hectic, crushing brilliance. If you’re a Boris fan, this an absolute must have. The level of energy is on full from start to finish. It’s as if Boris inhaled everything bad that’s happening in the world and exhaled their great disagreement onto NO. As the band says in their press statement: This is “extreme healing music”.
Boris is doing NO on their own, so it’s implicit we fans support the group without hesitation. You just do it. Countless bands all over the world are experiencing scrapped tours, delayed releases and futures put into very real uncertainty. For decades, Boris has been there for us with great records and shows, so we will of course be there for them.
Things are bad out there but Boris has uploaded these awful ingredients and made something truly good. They have taken a global crisis, flipped the overwhelming negativity it has engendered and turned it into positive artistic expression. Of course they did. Wata, Atsuo and Takeshi are Boris. They’re quite incredible. Release after release finds them in a constant state of morphing, exploratory evolution which seems to show no signs of slowing. NO, this protest-as-art album is yet another great Boris record. A stand out in an already monster body of work. I feel lucky to be a Boris fan and am so glad you’re one too.

Henry Rollins

–  新作アルバム『NO』について、ヘンリー・ロリンズ氏からメッセージが届きました –