2020.10.07 [Information]

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Amid lockdown Boris released their most recent album “NO” in digital format to international high praise, now to be issued on CD and vinyl, along with the remastering of 2 early period works, for a total of 3 releases from 3 different labels. Unrelenting heavy music from past to present with an unwavering approach to staying innovative, in physical form.

2020年COVID-19によるロックダウンの只中、Bandcampからデジタルのみで先行リリース、世界中で絶賛されている最新作『NO』を広島の老舗Hard Core/Punkレーベル”BLOOD SUCKER RECORDS”で世界初CD&Vinyl化。1996年、初の単独デビュー作でありながら、60分1曲という当時としてはありえないフォーマットで発表、シーンに爪痕を残したFull-length Single『Absolutego』のリマスターを自身のレーベル”Fangsanalsatan”から24年ぶりに。また、”BorisのPower Violence期”であった1998年発表の1stアルバム『Amplifier Worship』も当時のリリース元である東京の老舗PunkレーベルMANGROVEからリマスターを施し再登場。過去~現在まで止まることなく、Heavy Musicを更新し、世界を映す鏡となって変容と進化を続ける揺るがない姿勢を、フィジカルでリスナーの手元へ。今回の3作同時発売は彼らのルーツミュージックの一つであるHard Core/Punkとの長年に亘る直接的・間接的な関係性と、20年以上に亘るシーンを超えた音楽の遺伝と継承を目の当たりにできる機会である。

The most recent Boris album is coming in CD and vinyl editions along with 2 early works remastered, for a total of 3 releases from 3 separate labels. From the digital version first released to worldwide acclaim on Bandcamp amid lockdown from the COVID-19 pandemic, the latest Boris album “NO” is being issued in CD and vinyl formats from the long-standing Hiroshima hardcore/punk label, “BLOOD SUCKER RECORDS”. Boris’s first independent release from 1996 was a single hour-long song, a format unheard of at the time. This was their full-length single that left a mark on the scene, “Absolutego”, which is being remastered and re-released on the band’s own label, “Fangsanalsatan”, for the first time in 24 years. Also, their first album from the “Boris Power Violence era” in 1998, “Amplifier Worship”, is being remastered and re-released via the long-standing Tokyo punk label MANGROVE, who released the original in 1998. These are physical copies meant for the hands of the listeners of this innovative heavy music, with its unwavering approach to continue to transform and evolve, becoming a mirror that reflects the world, unrelenting from past to present. The simultaneous release of these 3 albums from Boris is a chance for a glimpse at their roots music in hardcore/punk with a direct/indirect relationship spanning many years, as well as the inheritance from the scene they came out of over 20 years ago.