『NO』 World Tour in Your Head 2021 – Stream viewing on Youtube

2021.05.01 [Media,Shows]

映像配信期間: 2021年5月1日00:00 ~ 5月10日24:00 日本時間





May 1, 2021, Boris releases to the world the visual soundscape of their release party for their album “NO” that took place in November of last year. This will be a stream of a video shot with a 360 degree camera that allows for audience participation; it is a live show that is only complete when the viewed by the audience. For all viewers, this is a “tour in your head”.

Stream viewing period: May 1 – May 10
May 1st US 8am (PST) & 11am (EST) / Euro 17:00 GMT+2

Stream viewing on Boris official youtube channel

***Recommended Viewing Platform***
Viewing is recommended using the YouTube app on a smartphone or tablet. By moving your device it is possible to view the performance at all visual points in 360 degrees. You can manipulate the view on the screen further by using your fingers to drag or pinch-in/out for zoom-in/out.
Please note that depending on the settings or version of your viewing device some features such as the above zoom may not function.
Please acknowledge this beforehand.
On your handheld device it is also recommended to adjust your viewing settings to the highest quality possible.
In the event the video doesn’t display well, please select the highest image quality setting available for your device from the YouTube app quality settings.
Please check out the trailer.
(On desktop/laptop computers it is also possible to use your mouse to zoom or change the point of view within the 360-degree environment)

Viewing is free. Please support the band via PayPal at the following address:


今回の配信限定のツアーT-シャツをHoly Mountain Printing(US)より受注販売いたします。
詳細はHoly Mountain Printingのサイトにてご確認ください。

***Tour Merchandise***
Holy Mountain Printing is taking orders for limited-edition T-shirts for this stream. Orders will be accepted from the time of this announcement until the streaming period ends. Please see the Holy Mountain Printing website for details.