June 4th (Fri), New release 3 titles on Bandcamp

2021.06.04 [Information,Media]

The fifth part of Season 2 includes the digital releases of 3 titles :

Documentary of “Akuma no Uta”
Listening to these tracks and exposing the breath of life and skeletal structure of these compositions, we believe it once again points toward a hint about the core of what “Akuma no Uta” is.

“COSMOS Re-Master + Live”
From the 2012 split release with UK singer songwriter Joe Volk, with an additional live recording from a show during a 2013 US Tour.

“Mr.Shortkill Re-Master“
Originally released only on 12-inch vinyl in 2016. This is a rerecording of the song we wrote and provided for “Ninja Slayer” when the novel series was made into a TV anime series. The 12” cut goes against current standards being produced in monaural sound, with particular attention paid to a thorough analog mix. This time for its first ever digital release it has been given the remastering treatment for digital format.



『Documentary of “Akuma no Uta”』

『COSMOS Re-Master + Live』
2012年に発表したイギリスのSSW、Joe Volkとのスプリット作品に、2013年のアメリカツアーのライブ音源を追加、全編にリマスタリングを施してのリリース。

『Mr.Shortkill Re-Master』

“Documentary of Akuma no Uta” FAS-051

“COSMOS Re-Master + Live” FAS-052

“Mr.Shortkill Re-Master” FAS-053