The new fuzz pedal “Hizumitas” in collaboration with EarthQuaker Devices and Wata

2021.11.04 [Information]

Announcing the new fuzz pedal “Hizumitas” in collaboration with EarthQuaker Devices and Boris Wata.

Co-developed over two years by EarthQuaker Devices and Boris, a pedal company based in Akron, Ohio, USA.
Wata signature fuzz pedal “Hizumitas” will be released.In commemoration of this exciting collaboration, *Hiuzumitas Special Edition Bundle will be released on prior to the worldwide release of “Hizumitas”, which faithfully reproduces Wata’s favorite Japanese vintage fuzz “Elk BM Sustainar”. Orders can be made from Thursday, 4th of March. (You can get this exclusive Reverb bundle two weeks earlier than the regular version.) *The Reverb Special Edition Bundle is limited to 500 units,  includes a unique Hizumitas colorway featuring black print on a silver enclosure. (The standard Hizumitas features purple print on a silver enclosure). Bundle buyers also get a silk pedal bag, a Boris autographed poster, and the New 12 “Single” Reincarnation Rose “is included in the set. This limited 12inch is a release from EarthQuaker Devices Records, Blood Red color Vinyl.
Hizumitas Special Edition Bundle : *US Customers only.   Thank you, Sold out!

The video of the title song” Reincarnation Rose “is available here.