Apr 1st (Fri), New release on bandcamp

2022.04.01 [Information]

For the 2nd installment of our Season 4 Bandcamp archive, we bring you two special vinyl releases.

BandcampアーカイブSeason4第2弾はヴァイナルでのスペシャルリリースを2枚お届けする。Kanau Re-master  FAS-049

Boris 12″  FAS-021

One is a limited analog release of “Kanau Re-master + Live” which we released digitally last May. This is the first release on vinyl since the original release in 1999. Clear x Opaque Orange special color vinyl, limited to 500 copies.

Originally released in August 2020, the other is the second pressing of our “Boris” 12-inch that sold out immediately. This is our cover of Melvins’ “Boris”, which is also the origin of our band name. This time, it’s been given a new look on green vinyl, released in a limited edition of 500 copies. One side of the vinyl is an etching of an illustration by Mami Saito.

昨年5月デジタルリリースした“Kanau Re-master + Live”を限定アナログ化。1999年のオリジナルリリース以来、初のVinylでのリリース。
Clear x Opaque OrangeのスペシャルカラーVinyl。500枚限定。

もう一枚は2020年8月リリース、即時ソールドアウトした“Boris”12 inchのセカンドプレス。自分たちのバンド名の由来である、MELVINSのカヴァー”Boris”を収録。今回は装いも新たにGreen Vinyl 500枚限定リリース。片面は斉藤マミによるイラストをエッチング。

*Both of these releases will only be available from our Bandcamp merchandise page.