May 6th (Fri), New release on bandcamp

2022.05.06 [Information]

For the 3rd installment of the Boris Season 4 archive on Bandcamp we have two titles: our “tears e.p” released from TRASH-UP!!RECORDS in 2019 and “EROS”, our collaboration with the Tokyo extreme band, ENDON, released in 2015 on cassette.
This is the first digital release of “EROS”.

BandcampアーカイブSeason4 第3弾は、2019年にTRASH-UP!!RECORDSからリリースした『tears e.p』と、2015年にカセットでリリースされた東京のエクストリームバンドENDONとのコラボレーション作『EROS』の2タイトル。

tears e.p   FAS-060

The “tears e.p” was released in 2019 by TRASH-UP!!RECORDS, a label whose releases focus on idol groups like SAKA-SAMA and others. Around this time Atsuo worked on sound production for Erieza Royal & The Summary Lynch, whose drummer runs the label. The ambitious actions of TRASH-UP!! are not limited to only music, but also spread into the realms of film and more. As we are always in pursuit of “heavy, and yet with just a sense of fun” in a DIY manner, it was a very natural flow for us to resonate with the label beyond musical genres. Kotao, an up-and-coming oil painter, served as model for the cover and booklet. She also has released through TRASH-UP!! and from this connection it also led to us asking her to do the artwork for the cover of our latest album, “W”. Narasaki of COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS, as well as his own mentor, Shinobu Narita, both joined for sound production. In addition to Boris originals, covers by COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS and D-Day were also recorded, reflecting the succession of Boris’s sound, fate, and connections more deeply through this release.
The original version of “どうしてもあなたをゆるせない -tears-” was added to Bandcamp the other day as part of the “1985” release, and we hope you can enjoy the differences between the two versions. This time we are releasing the high resolution master.

2019年に『tears e.p』をリリースしたTRASH-UP!!RECORDSは、SAKA-SAMA他アイドルグループを中心にリリースするレーベル。このころAtsuoがサウンドプロデュースを手掛けたイライザ・ロイヤル&ザ・総括リンチのドラマーがこのレーベルの主宰者でもある。音楽だけにとどまらず映画など幅広いカルチャーの領域で意欲的な活動を行うTRASH-UP!!。固定したレーベルに所属することなく、DIYで「Heavyで、なおかつ楽しいと感じることだけ」を追求してきた自分たちが、ジャンルを越えて共鳴したのはごく自然な流れだったと思う。今作のジャケットとブックレットでモデルを務めたKotao(現在は新進気鋭の油絵画家として活躍している)はかつてTRASH-UP!!からリリースも行なっており、最新アルバム『W』のジャケットを依頼する流れの始点にもなっている。サウンドプロデュースにCOALTAR OF THE DEEPERSのNARASAKI、その師でもあるShinobu Narita両名が参加。Borisの楽曲に加えCOALTAR OF THE DEEPERSとD-Dayのカヴァー曲も収録し、Borisの継承する音、縁、つながりが色濃く反映された作品。


Originally released in 2015 on cassette tape by ENDON vocalist Taichi Nagura’s label, G.G.R.R.
This had limited availability, handed out at shows during our joint tour of the same year, “New Noise Literacy 001 ‘Engage’ Tour”.
ENDON is a band centered on extreme music such as grind, hardcore and noise. They carry out diverse activities including artistically inclined exchange as well as the operation of M.A.S.F., the effects pedal brand of member Taro Aiko. We ended up collaborating with them on this work as we felt a mutual understanding with their style of not being imprisoned by any set concept as well as the aesthetic sense of their expression. Simply put, rather than being a split release by two like-minded fellow bands, this release was created by one band called BORIS + ENDON. At shows on the tour we performed both on the floor and stage to surround the audience, and with added intense lighting provided by Rokapenis, it evolved into a live experience of extreme sensations. The artwork was done by Kazumichi Maruoka. In addition to 4 songs written in collaboration, a cover of “Painkiller” by Judas Priest was also recorded. We hope you enjoy this metal anthem that has been thoroughly dismantled and newly constructed through new noise literacy. The high resolution master is now available to the public for the first time digitally.

オリジナルは2015年、ENDONのヴォーカルTaichi NaguraのレーベルG.G.R.Rからカセットテープでリリース。
同年行われたBorisとENDONのカップリングツアー「New Noise Literacy 001 “Engage” tour」の会場限定で配布された。
ENDONはグラインド、ハードコア、ノイズといったエクストリームミュージックを軸に、アート方面との交流も深く、メンバーのTaro AikoはペダルブランドM.A.S.F.を運営するなど多角的な活動を行なっている。彼らの固定概念にとらわれない活動様式と、表現に対しての美意識に自分たちと相通ずるものを感じ、共に作品を作り上げる流れとなった。単に気の合うバンド同士のスプリットではなく、BORIS + ENDONというバンドとして作品を作り上げた。ツアーではフロアとステージで観客を包囲する形で演奏、Rokapenisによる強烈なライティングも加わり極限の体感ライブを展開。アートワークはKazumichi Maruokaを起用。共作の書き下ろし4曲に加え、Judas Priestの「Painkiller」のカバーを収録。新たなノイズリテラシーで徹底的に解体、新構築されたメタルアンセムをぜひ楽しんでほしい。今回初デジタル、ハイ・レゾリューション・マスターでの公開となる。