“Rocky & The SWEDEN / Boris” Split Tape + T-shirt

2021.09.13 [Information]

Rocky & The SWEDEN, a Tokyo hardcore company that has had a long relationship with Boris and has been formed for 25 years this year. The other day, they performed with Boris at the 25th anniversary live concert. The Split cassette and his T-shirt set, which were distributed free of charge at the venue, are now on sale. To order, click the link below.■rocky-the-sweden-boris-split-cassette-t-shirt■/

Borisと長い親交があり、今年で結成25年を迎えた東京ハードコア・Rocky & The SWEDEN。先日、彼らの25周年記念ライブに於いてBorisと競演。会場で無料配布されたSplit カセットと Tシャツのセットを販売開始。オーダーは下記リンクから。