New collaboration between Boris and Trugunpla.
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BORIS WITH MERZBOW Announce New Collaboration Album “2R0I2P0 ”
Out December 11th & Share “Away From You” Music Video

Photo : Miki Matsushima

Relapse Records presents 2R0I2P0, the brand new collaborative album from BORIS with MERZBOW. The 10 track album showcases every bit of the excitement and pulse-pounding rock and metal heard throughout the inimitable, expansive BORIS catalog, as it meets the signature harsh noise and soundscapes of the equally prolific MERZBOW.

Watch and listen to 2R0I2P0’s opening track “Away From You” on YouTube HERE and all streaming services HERE.

An album that is at once familiar and unique for its time, melodic and harsh in equal parts, 2R0I2P0 aims to find sonic harmony. After all, 2R0I2P0 translates to “Twenty Twenty R.I.P.” “This year was a period of trial for everyone in the world,” BORIS comments. “This work becomes a monument to the requiem of the previous era. From here, a new world begins again.”

2R0I2P0 is out December 11th on CD/2xLP/Digital via Relapse Records. Physical Pre-Orders are available HERE and Digital Downloads / Streaming HERE.

“Start pre-ordering from today.
It will be on sale all at once on November 11th.”

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Amid lockdown Boris released their most recent album “NO” in digital format to international high praise, now to be issued on CD and vinyl, along with the remastering of 2 early period works, for a total of 3 releases from 3 different labels. Unrelenting heavy music from past to present with an unwavering approach to staying innovative, in physical form.

2020年COVID-19によるロックダウンの只中、Bandcampからデジタルのみで先行リリース、世界中で絶賛されている最新作『NO』を広島の老舗Hard Core/Punkレーベル”BLOOD SUCKER RECORDS”で世界初CD&Vinyl化。1996年、初の単独デビュー作でありながら、60分1曲という当時としてはありえないフォーマットで発表、シーンに爪痕を残したFull-length Single『Absolutego』のリマスターを自身のレーベル”Fangsanalsatan”から24年ぶりに。また、”BorisのPower Violence期”であった1998年発表の1stアルバム『Amplifier Worship』も当時のリリース元である東京の老舗PunkレーベルMANGROVEからリマスターを施し再登場。過去~現在まで止まることなく、Heavy Musicを更新し、世界を映す鏡となって変容と進化を続ける揺るがない姿勢を、フィジカルでリスナーの手元へ。今回の3作同時発売は彼らのルーツミュージックの一つであるHard Core/Punkとの長年に亘る直接的・間接的な関係性と、20年以上に亘るシーンを超えた音楽の遺伝と継承を目の当たりにできる機会である。

The most recent Boris album is coming in CD and vinyl editions along with 2 early works remastered, for a total of 3 releases from 3 separate labels. From the digital version first released to worldwide acclaim on Bandcamp amid lockdown from the COVID-19 pandemic, the latest Boris album “NO” is being issued in CD and vinyl formats from the long-standing Hiroshima hardcore/punk label, “BLOOD SUCKER RECORDS”. Boris’s first independent release from 1996 was a single hour-long song, a format unheard of at the time. This was their full-length single that left a mark on the scene, “Absolutego”, which is being remastered and re-released on the band’s own label, “Fangsanalsatan”, for the first time in 24 years. Also, their first album from the “Boris Power Violence era” in 1998, “Amplifier Worship”, is being remastered and re-released via the long-standing Tokyo punk label MANGROVE, who released the original in 1998. These are physical copies meant for the hands of the listeners of this innovative heavy music, with its unwavering approach to continue to transform and evolve, becoming a mirror that reflects the world, unrelenting from past to present. The simultaneous release of these 3 albums from Boris is a chance for a glimpse at their roots music in hardcore/punk with a direct/indirect relationship spanning many years, as well as the inheritance from the scene they came out of over 20 years ago.

9/22にKOENJI HIGHで開催を予定していたZ.O.A × Borisの2マン振替公演 (DJに掟ポルシェ)ですが、新型コロナウイルスの影響により開催の目処が立たず、3度目の延期(無期延期)となりました。Z.O.A × Borisによるコンセプチュアル・アルバム『リフレイン』をVinyl化し、当日販売する準備もしていましたので、非常に残念です。今まで通りに公演が行なえると判断出来次第、必ず開催したいと思っていますので、待っていてください。

Regarding the Z.O.A x Boris show at Koenji High that was rescheduled to September the 22nd, due to the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, plans are up in the air and the show has been indefinitely postponed.
As soon as it is deemed reasonable to have the show it will absolutely be held, so please wait until that day.
Please check here for details regarding the ticket refund process.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

As their avid fans might have already known, Japanese band Boris named themselves after a Melvins song called “Boris”, which is on the American sludge rock originators’ 1991 album “Bullhead”.

After all these 28 years, the Japanese heavy rock trio are going back to where they started and releasing a cover of this song as a record.

This isn’t the first time they play it; the song itself was played live many times during the LφVE & EVφL world tour in 2019 – 2020. However, this coming 12-inch vinyl is the first studio recording.

It was first intended to be exclusively sold at their shows during the North American tour which was due to start in July 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic forced the tour to be postponed, and thus, the record’s release plan got suspended.

The pandemic created uncertainty for everyone. Boris say they are more than grateful that so many people, most of whom have been hardly relaxed about anything themselves, continue to support the band. That’s why they decided to revive the suspended plan of the Boris cover release as something special to show their gratitude to their fans who have been firmly with them in this difficult time.

The record comes out as an etched vinyl disc, with the song on one side and an exclusive art of a charming cat on the other. The art is done by Mami Saitou, who you’ve probably known for the highly impressive sleeve art of “LφVE & EVφL” (2019).

While the record is completely done by Boris on their own, it is cut and pressed by Third Man Records, with whom the band have put out three albums: “LφVE & EVφL”, “boris at last -feedbacker-” (reissue) and “Akuma no Uta” (reissue). In short, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Of the limited pressing of 900 copies, 800 are on purple vinyl and will be available through Holy Mountain Printing, while 100 copies are on red vinyl and will be exclusively available to the Boris fan club members. You’ll never want to miss out on it.


[Side 1]
01. Boris (a Melvins’ song cover)
*An etching is on Side 2.



カヴァー自体は2019~2020年にかけて行なわれた『LφVE & EVφL』のワールドツアー中、既に世界各地で幾度も披露されていますが、この12inchが初のスタジオレコーディング音源となります。
片面1曲収録、もう片面はエッチングとなっており、この愛らしい猫のイラストは、2019年リリースのアルバム『LφVE & EVφL』のジャケットアートワークを手がけたMami Saitouによるもの。今回も『NO』に引き続きバンド自身による自主リリース。
カッティング&プレスは、そのクオリティに定評のあるThird Man Recordsで行なわれました。
900枚限定プレスのうちパープル盤800枚はHoly Mountain Printingを通しての販売。


[Side 1]
01. Boris(Melvins”Boris”のカヴァー)
※Side 2はエッチング加工。


NO is more than the new album by Boris. It is their reaction and comment on the current state of the world as they see it. It would be all but impossible to deny that almost every aspect of human life has been impacted. No matter where you’re from or how you’re living, things are different than they used to be.
The collective uncertainty, anger, frustration, confusion and sheer life on the edge existence is reflected in NO.
All Boris albums are memorable listening experiences and we fans are continually gratified by this excellent and thankfully prolific band. NO is an eleven track/40 minute explosion of ultra hectic, crushing brilliance. If you’re a Boris fan, this an absolute must have. The level of energy is on full from start to finish. It’s as if Boris inhaled everything bad that’s happening in the world and exhaled their great disagreement onto NO. As the band says in their press statement: This is “extreme healing music”.
Boris is doing NO on their own, so it’s implicit we fans support the group without hesitation. You just do it. Countless bands all over the world are experiencing scrapped tours, delayed releases and futures put into very real uncertainty. For decades, Boris has been there for us with great records and shows, so we will of course be there for them.
Things are bad out there but Boris has uploaded these awful ingredients and made something truly good. They have taken a global crisis, flipped the overwhelming negativity it has engendered and turned it into positive artistic expression. Of course they did. Wata, Atsuo and Takeshi are Boris. They’re quite incredible. Release after release finds them in a constant state of morphing, exploratory evolution which seems to show no signs of slowing. NO, this protest-as-art album is yet another great Boris record. A stand out in an already monster body of work. I feel lucky to be a Boris fan and am so glad you’re one too.

Henry Rollins

–  新作アルバム『NO』について、ヘンリー・ロリンズ氏からメッセージが届きました –









Boris "Anti-Gone" new music video has just released.


新作アルバム『NO』より、収録曲"Anti-Gone"のMusic Videoが公開されました。
東京・新代田のLive House FEVERでの撮影を敢行。
アルバムはBandcampにて、7/3(金)日本時間16:00~ にリリースされます。

Boris New Album 『NO』
2019年から2020年2月に掛け、のべ12週間に及ぶ北米・欧州・日本で行われた『“LφVE” & “EVφL”』ツアー。 


また、同楽曲には「OUTO」「CITY INDIAN」の元ギタリストであり、 

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「Boris」 “Phenomenons Drive” and「Z.O.A x Boris」”Refrain” launch today.
Released from Dog Knights Productions.
Pre-orders have also started.

*Boris – “Phenomenons Drive” MLP/TS PO’s
180 gram orange crush (in jaket) , ltd 200.
165 gram picture disc (in thick pvc sleeve), ltd 500.

*Z.O.A x Boris “Refrain” LP/LS PO’s and Digital release
Green/ltd 100, Red/ltd 100, Black/ltd 500.
All pressed on heavyweight 180 gram vinyl,
350 gram triple-fold reverse-board jacket w/full black inner flood and fancy
black poly-lined inners.



**Bandcamp Link**


03.Non Blood Lore
04.Temple of Hatred
05.鏡 -Zerkalo-
06.HxCxHxC -Parforation Line-
07.キキノウエ -Kiki no Ue-
09.Fundamental Error

Takeshi: Vocals, Guitar & Bass
Wata: Vocals, Guitar & Echo
Atsuo: Vocals, Percussion & Electronics

Guest Guitar: Katsumi on Track 09
Recording: Fangsanalsatan at Sound Square 2020
Mix & Mastering: Koichi Hara (

“Fundamental Error” Originally Perfomed by GUDON

Logo Type: Kazumichi Maruoka
Design: Fangsanalsatan


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