Patreon “Wata of Borisheavyrocks” & Boris Official Youtube Channel Membership

2024.06.11 [Information,Media]

We have a Patreon community and a YouTube membership.


Patreon here
Patreon will be bringing you special photos, unreleased and demo soundtracks and more, which you can only find here.
Chatting with the members is also taking place.
We hope you will all  join us.

Youtube Member ship here
There are two classes of YouTube membership ‘Standard’ and ‘Heavy’.
In addition to an indefinite archive of videos from the “Standard” , the “Heavy”  will also feature exclusive videos for the more die-hard fans.
We hope you will join us.


YouTubeメンバーシップには “Standard”と”Heavy”の、2つのクラスがあり、 “Standard”ではBorisのこれまでの主要映像作品のアーカイヴと、随時公開される新作映像が視聴可能。
“Heavy”では、 “Standard”で公開された映像作品のアーカイブが視聴できることに加え、よりダイハードなファン向けの”Heavy”専用限定動画も公開されます。