Nov 5th (Fri), New release on bandcamp

2021.11.05 [Media]

The third installment of the Season 3 Boris Bandcamp archive comes with a live release, Boris performing “flood”. Originally released in 2013 on our own label, Fangsanalsatan, it was a limited edition release only available at live shows and through mail order, now sold out. The live recording is of our expanded performance of only one song, “flood”, just as it was performed at Daikanyama Unit in Tokyo on November 3, 2012. This Bandcamp release marks the first time the recording is available digitally.

BandcampアーカイブSeason3 第三弾はライブ盤『Boris performing “flood”』。オリジナルは2013年にバンド自らのレーベルFangsanalsatanからリリース、ライブ会場とメールオーダーのみで限定販売され、既にソールドアウトしていた作品。2012年11月3日東京・代官山UNITで披露された”flood”一曲のみを拡張し演奏したライブを収めた実況録音盤である。今回初のデジタル化リリース。

Boris performing “flood”   FAS-003

After a lengthy world tour in 2009, we were playing festivals and planning special shows, at the same time pushing forward with our studio work. Layers of experimental endeavors expanded the possibilities of the band. We released 3 albums in 2011, “New Album”, “Attention Please”, and “Heavy Rocks”. It was a period when the possibilities of what we considered heavy rock were instantly forged ahead. However, in March of that same year, the Great East Japan Earthquake brought about greater physical and mental damage than we could have imagined, even if not directly. It was a time during which the attitude and sense of values of many expressive people, ourselves included, were in question. Immediately following the earthquake disaster we started a long-term world tour we titled “Hope World Tour”. This was a journey raising questions to ourselves, a ceremony for departed souls and pilgrimage to a world we could no longer return to. We performed “flood” as one song only in a show on November 3, 2012, approaching the end of “Hope World Tour”. While recovery of the Great East Japan Earthquake was slow-going, we dedicated our live performance of “flood” as a requiem. This performance could be said to be the peak of support guitarist Michio Kurihara’s tenure with the band, and with no added edits or postproduction whatsoever, the direct line recording is released just as it was on the day of the show. It is a recording from the actual state of the band at the time, containing the ambience of the surrounding world as it was.

2009年の長期にわたるワールドツアー後、フェスティバルの出演やスペシャルなショウの企画、同時進行でスタジオワークに邁進し、実験的な試みを重ねバンドの可能性を拡張していた。2011年には『New Album』『Attention Please』『Heavy Rocks』と三枚のアルバムをリリースし、自分たちが想うヘヴィミュージックの可能性を一気に押し進めた時期であった。しかし同年3月に発生した東日本大震災がもたらした、直接的ではないにしろ肉体・精神へのダメージは想像以上に大きく、自分たちも含めた数多の表現者たちがその態度や価値観を問われた時期でもあった。自分たちは震災直後から”Hope World Tour”と銘打った長期ツアーをスタートさせた。それは自身への問いを重ねる旅、もう戻らない世界への鎮魂と巡礼でもあった。”Hope World Tour”が終盤に差し掛かった2012年11月3日”flood”の一曲のみのライブを行なった。東日本大震災の復興がなかなか進まない状況の中、”flood”を鎮魂歌として捧げるという位置付けのライブだった。サポートギタリストのMichio Kurihara在籍期のピークとも言える演奏には、編集やポストプロダクションなどは一切加えず、当日のライン録音のまま作品化。当時の自分たちの姿勢と、取り巻いた世界の空気感がありのままに封じ込められた実況録音盤。