Sep 2nd (Fri), New release on bandcamp

2022.09.02 [Information,Media]

The first installment of Season 5 of the Boris Bandcamp archive is our side of our 2018 split release with The Novembers, “unknown flowers”. This is the first time it is available in high-resolution digital format.

BandcampアーカイブSeason5第1弾は、2018年にリリースされたTHE NOVEMBERSとのスプリット作『unknown flowers』。今回デジタルで初の解禁、ハイ・レゾリューション・マスターで公開となる。

unknown flowers FAS-010

Originally released in 2018 as a joint-release from our own label, Fangsanalsatan, and The Novembers’ label, Merz. In October of 2018 we played a show together where it first became available in limited edition.
Out from our relationship of creatively stimulating each other, this split 12” was a collaboration with the concept, “Let’s each write new songs and cover each other’s songs. However, we won’t reveal which composition is by which band.”
We hope you can stronger feel the sense of values and beauty jointly shared by both bands from the unclear origins of these songs. The striking record cover photograph that seems to shake the very notion and distinction of sky and earth was taken by Yusuke Yamatani, a mutual friend of both bands. This release is now available digitally for the first time.

オリジナルは2018年、自分たちのレーベルfangsanalsatanとTHE NOVEMBERSのレーベルMERZとの共同リリース。
天地の概念と判別が揺らぐような印象的なジャケット写真は、両バンドに親交のあるYusuke Yamataniによるもの。