Rocky & The SWEDEN and Boris Split LP, full streaming started

2022.10.13 [Shop,Information,Media]

Boris returns alongside Rocky & The SWEDEN for a new frenzied split! The album is available in full on all streaming services and physical pre-orders are out November 25th.
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From the opening moments of Rocky & The SWEDEN’s adrenaline-fueled punk anthem “Voice” to Boris’ sludgy, heavier-than-anything-ever closer “Nosferatou”, the new split sees the Japanese punk and heavy music underground legends delivering a frenetic collection of tracks that exude sheer intensity!

Rocky & The SWEDEN and Boris  TRACKLIST

  1. Rocky & The SWEDEN – Voice
  2. Rocky & The SWEDEN – Up in smoke
  3. Rocky & The SWEDEN – BxBxB
  4. Rocky & The SWEDEN – Bakugeki blaze
  5. Boris – Blood red
  6. Boris – Killing the observer
  7. Boris – Nosferatou

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Borisと古くから親交があり、昨年結成25年を迎えた東京ハードコア、Rocky & The SWEDEN。昨年リリースされたSplit カセット+ Tシャツに続き、Split LPをRelapse Recordsからリリース。本日よりフルストリーミング開始。


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