2024 Jan 2nd (Fri), New release on bandcamp

2024.02.02 [Information,Media]

“ア バオ ア ク -boris performing fade-”

A live recording of boris performing all of the songs from their album “fade” will be released.

The album “fade” was released under their all-lowercase moniker “boris” as the 3rd of three albums released in the Boris 30th Anniversary Year of 2022. In commemoration of this double-vinyl release, boris performed a special show of all the songs on the album on April 2, 2023.
With a stack of amps far exceeding any usual amount projecting mega volume that those in witness could feel through all of their organs, in a natural sense the live performance was akin to a “ritual” of becoming one with the music— a night that widely opened the audience’s doors of perception. This live recording fully captures and translates that ultimate dynamism as a documentary work. The range of a “thunderous roar” beyond description— you will now come to know a part of it and its meaning.

“ア バオ ア ク -boris performing fade-”