The third installment of the Season 3 Boris Bandcamp archive comes with a live release, Boris performing “flood”. Originally released in 2013 on our own label, Fangsanalsatan, it was a limited edition release only available at live shows and through mail order, now sold out. The live recording is of our expanded performance of only one song, “flood”, just as it was performed at Daikanyama Unit in Tokyo on November 3, 2012. This Bandcamp release marks the first time the recording is available digitally.

BandcampアーカイブSeason3 第三弾はライブ盤『Boris performing “flood”』。オリジナルは2013年にバンド自らのレーベルFangsanalsatanからリリース、ライブ会場とメールオーダーのみで限定販売され、既にソールドアウトしていた作品。2012年11月3日東京・代官山UNITで披露された”flood”一曲のみを拡張し演奏したライブを収めた実況録音盤である。今回初のデジタル化リリース。

Boris performing “flood”   FAS-003

After a lengthy world tour in 2009, we were playing festivals and planning special shows, at the same time pushing forward with our studio work. Layers of experimental endeavors expanded the possibilities of the band. We released 3 albums in 2011, “New Album”, “Attention Please”, and “Heavy Rocks”. It was a period when the possibilities of what we considered heavy rock were instantly forged ahead. However, in March of that same year, the Great East Japan Earthquake brought about greater physical and mental damage than we could have imagined, even if not directly. It was a time during which the attitude and sense of values of many expressive people, ourselves included, were in question. Immediately following the earthquake disaster we started a long-term world tour we titled “Hope World Tour”. This was a journey raising questions to ourselves, a ceremony for departed souls and pilgrimage to a world we could no longer return to. We performed “flood” as one song only in a show on November 3, 2012, approaching the end of “Hope World Tour”. While recovery of the Great East Japan Earthquake was slow-going, we dedicated our live performance of “flood” as a requiem. This performance could be said to be the peak of support guitarist Michio Kurihara’s tenure with the band, and with no added edits or postproduction whatsoever, the direct line recording is released just as it was on the day of the show. It is a recording from the actual state of the band at the time, containing the ambience of the surrounding world as it was.

2009年の長期にわたるワールドツアー後、フェスティバルの出演やスペシャルなショウの企画、同時進行でスタジオワークに邁進し、実験的な試みを重ねバンドの可能性を拡張していた。2011年には『New Album』『Attention Please』『Heavy Rocks』と三枚のアルバムをリリースし、自分たちが想うヘヴィミュージックの可能性を一気に押し進めた時期であった。しかし同年3月に発生した東日本大震災がもたらした、直接的ではないにしろ肉体・精神へのダメージは想像以上に大きく、自分たちも含めた数多の表現者たちがその態度や価値観を問われた時期でもあった。自分たちは震災直後から”Hope World Tour”と銘打った長期ツアーをスタートさせた。それは自身への問いを重ねる旅、もう戻らない世界への鎮魂と巡礼でもあった。”Hope World Tour”が終盤に差し掛かった2012年11月3日”flood”の一曲のみのライブを行なった。東日本大震災の復興がなかなか進まない状況の中、”flood”を鎮魂歌として捧げるという位置付けのライブだった。サポートギタリストのMichio Kurihara在籍期のピークとも言える演奏には、編集やポストプロダクションなどは一切加えず、当日のライン録音のまま作品化。当時の自分たちの姿勢と、取り巻いた世界の空気感がありのままに封じ込められた実況録音盤。

“Reincarnation Rose” MV released.
Released the title track MV from the new single “Reincarnation Rose”.
The sound image was visualized as a music video by Kiyoharu Works’ bassist and Yutaro, who even worked on his video work.

“Reincarnation Rose” uses Wata’s signature FUZZ “Hizumitas” released worldwide from the American pedal brand EarthQuaker Devices, and you can fully enjoy the intense sound of this pedal. Click here for details on this pedal.

『Reincarnation Rose』MV公開
New Single『Reincarnation Rose』からタイトルトラックのMVを公開。
音像をMusic Videoとして映像化したのは、清春ワークスのベーシストと映像作品までを手掛けるYutaro。
シングルはBassに RIZE、AJICO、LOSALIOSなどの活動で知られるTOKIEを迎え、先頃7年ぶりのアルバムを発表したBuffalo Daughterのsugar吉永とのツインリードギター というスペシャル編成で制作、MVにはex.DMBQ/OOIOOの吉村由加がDrumで参加!
タイトルトラック”Reincarnation Rose”はアメリカのペダルブランドEarthQuaker Devicesから全世界発売されるWataのシグネチャーFUZZ ”Hizumitas”を使用し、その強烈なサウンドをたっぷりと堪能できる楽曲です。このペダルの詳細はこちら。

Announcing the new fuzz pedal “Hizumitas” in collaboration with EarthQuaker Devices and Boris Wata.

Co-developed over two years by EarthQuaker Devices and Boris, a pedal company based in Akron, Ohio, USA.
Wata signature fuzz pedal “Hizumitas” will be released.In commemoration of this exciting collaboration, *Hiuzumitas Special Edition Bundle will be released on prior to the worldwide release of “Hizumitas”, which faithfully reproduces Wata’s favorite Japanese vintage fuzz “Elk BM Sustainar”. Orders can be made from Thursday, 4th of March. (You can get this exclusive Reverb bundle two weeks earlier than the regular version.) *The Reverb Special Edition Bundle is limited to 500 units,  includes a unique Hizumitas colorway featuring black print on a silver enclosure. (The standard Hizumitas features purple print on a silver enclosure). Bundle buyers also get a silk pedal bag, a Boris autographed poster, and the New 12 “Single” Reincarnation Rose “is included in the set. This limited 12inch is a release from EarthQuaker Devices Records, Blood Red color Vinyl.
Hizumitas Special Edition Bundle : *US Customers only.   Thank you, Sold out!

The video of the title song” Reincarnation Rose “is available here.


The new single “Reincarnation Rose” will be released on 17th November from KiliKiliVilla. This CD is a limited release in Japan, and the title song is only for this single.
The title song “Reincarnation Rose” is a song using Wata’s signature FUZZ “Hizumitas” released worldwide from the American pedal brand “EarthQuaker Devices”. TOKIE, known for activities such as RIZE, AJICO, and LOSALIOS, participated in Bass. Furthermore, it is a studio work with a special organization called twin lead guitar with sugar Yoshinaga of Buffalo Daughter who released the album for the first time in 7 years recently. In addition, the coupling song “You Will Know” is a long number that goes far beyond the single range of 20 minutes. I want you to feel the new and vivid colors of the sound. 16-page booklet specifications.

Newシングル『Reincarnation Rose』がKiliKiliVillaから11/17リリースされます。本日より予約受付開始。

タイトル曲「Reincarnation Rose」はアメリカのペダルブランド「EarthQuaker Devices」から全世界発売されるWataのシグネチャーFUZZ ”Hizumitas”を使用した楽曲です。Bassに、 RIZE、AJICO、LOSALIOSなどの活動で知られるTOKIEが参加。更に、先頃7年ぶりのアルバムを発表したBuffalo Daughterのsugar吉永とのツインリードギターというスペシャルな編成でのスタジオ作品となっています。
また、カップリング曲「You Will Know」は20分というシングルの域を遥かに超えた長尺ナンバー。新しく、鮮やかな音の彩りを感じていただきたい。16ページブックレット仕様。

The new single “Reincarnation Rose” on 11/17,  and the Wata signature FUZZ pedal “Hizumitas” on 11/19 will be released worldwide at the same time.

11/17にNew Single『Reincarnation Rose』、11/19にWataシグネチャーFUZZペダル『Hizumitas』、それぞれの通常バージョンが世界同時発売。

The second installment of the Season 3 Boris Bandcamp archive is 2 releases: “Golden Dance Classics +”, adding bonus tracks to the 2 Boris songs from the 2009 split release with 9dw, and also “Tokyo Wonder Land” a full live set recorded at Shibuya Club Quattro in Tokyo (a world-first release) that was an experimental show after finishing our world tour through over 100 locations around the world spanning 10 months from 2008 into 2009, as we headed into a new phase.

BorisのBandcampアーカイブ、Season3 第二弾は、2009年にリリースされた9dwとのスプリット作に収録された2曲に、ボーナストラックを加えた『Golden Dance Classics +』と、2008年から2009年にかけて延べ10ヶ月、世界各地100箇所以上に渡り行なったワールドツアー後、新たなフェイズへと向かう実験的なライブとなったShibuya Club Quattroでのフルセット(世界初公開)を収録した『Tokyo Wonder Land』の2作。

Golden Dance Classics +  FAS-055


Tokyo Wonder Land  FAS-056

“Golden Dance Classics +”
In 2009 following our album “Smile” with a full schedule of touring and appearances at numerous festivals, we began working on “New Album 2009”, which was not intended to be released. This was a period of deep pursuit of an unexplored world of sound, with an engine made from what was processed on the road. Out of this period came numerous split releases, singles, and transitioned to our 3 albums released in 2011.
One of these splits was “Golden Dance Classics”, released by Catune. A rhythm machine of broken language in the background portrays an expressionless Tokyo, and a lonely enthusiasm reverberates in a non-beat fog. This was a landscape we hadn’t yet seen that emerged from a process of brewing in room temperature once we had returned to studio work after our longest tour. The bonus track “Tokyo Wonder Land” is a studio rehearsal take featuring guest guitarist Michio Kurihara, performing a live arrangement. “Akirame Flower” is a live take featuring GOTH-TRAD, who conducted both remix and recording as a low-end collaborator, amplifying the air vibrations of the venue to the utmost limits. In live shows in 2009 and after, these 2 songs took on an important role. We can clearly see the change and contrast after these newly-constructed studio compositions were given life on stage.

“Tokyo Wonder Land”
2008-2009 was a period in which we were engaged in a full schedule of long-term tours while simultaneously making progress at a quick pace on the development of a large number of releases. It was extremely natural that the critical amount of energy which was fully loaded at live shows turned into our genuine musical pursuit and proceeded beyond “heavy rock” in our studio works. The show included in this live release was held at the time we made “New Album 2009”, an “album solely for pure expression and confrontation, without being restricted to anything.” We hope you can feel these new songs as well as old songs built up on tours and at shows along with support guitarist Michio Kurihara, departing from their original sound and taking on a new shape. Looking back on it now, this show was perhaps a starting point for a style that evolves our songs by freely going back and forth between the experimental nature of our studio sessions and the physical nature of our live shows. This was also a conducting wire to our 3 simultaneous releases in 2011, “New Album”, “Heavy Rocks”, and “Attention Please”.


“Golden Dance Classics +”
2009年は、アルバム『Smile』リリース後の過密なツアーや数々のフェスへの出演を経て、リリースを前提としない『New Album 2009』の制作を行い、ロードにおける膨大なインプットを未開の音世界へのエンジンとして、探求を深めていった期間であった。それらは数々のスプリット作、シングル、2011年の三枚のアルバムへと繋がっていく。Catuneからリリースした『Golden Dance Classics』もその一つだった。片言なリズムマシンの背景に立つ無表情な東京と、ノンビートの霧もやの中で鳴り響く孤独な熱狂。それらは最長のツアーからスタジオワークの日常へ戻り、常温で醸造していく過程で浮かび上がってきた、今まで見たこともない風景だった。ボーナストラックである”トーキョーワンダーランド”のスタジオリハーサルテイクでは、サポートギタリストのMichio Kuriharaが参加し、ライブアレンジが施されている。”あきらめの花 -Akirame Flower-“の時を経たライブテイクでは、Low-Endコラボレーターとしてリミックスやレコーディングも共に行なって来たGOTH-TRADがフロアの空気振動を極限まで増幅させた。2009年以降のステージでは、この2曲がライブにおける重要な役割を担うことになった。本作ではスタジオワークで新構築された楽曲が、ステージ上で肉体性を獲得し体温を宿していく変遷と対比がはっきりとわかるだろう。

“Tokyo Wonder Land”
長期ツアーの過密スケジュールと同時進行で、ハイペースで膨大な量の作品を制作していた2008〜2009年。ライブで充填された臨界寸前の熱量を、スタジオワークによって自分達の純粋な音楽探求、”ヘヴィロック”の向こう側へと昇華、深く進んでいったのは極自然な成り行きだった。本作に収められたライブは “何者にも縛られず純粋に、ただただ表現と向き合う為のアルバム”『New Album 2009』を制作した正にその時期に行われたもの。新旧の楽曲が、サポートギタリストのMichio Kuriharaと共にツアー/ライブでビルドアップされ、オリジナルの音響から逸脱し変容していった様子を感じてもらえると思う。今思えば、このライブは現在へと続く、スタジオでの実験性とツアー/ライブでの肉体性を両立させ、より自由に往復し楽曲を進化させていくスタイルの原点であるかもしれない。そして2011年の『New Album』『Heavy Rocks』『Attention Please』3作同時リリースへの導線となっている。

Just started pre-ordering Vegan lether Zip pants in collaboration with Boris and Japanese leather brand Blackmeans.
This is reservation item. The deadline is until Sept 25th(JST). Release is scheduled for January 2022.■blackmeans-x-boris_vegan-leather-pants■/

今や日本を代表するレザーブランドの一つblackmeansとBorisのコラボレーションによる、ヴィーガンレザーを用いたZIP PANTSが発売される。本日からプリオーダーをスタート。

Zip Pants, a standard product in the Blackmeans line since the establishment of the brand, has broken new ground with the usage of vegan leather.

The reason why Blackmeans has gone the vegan leather route for the first time is connected to Atsuo of Boris, who has continued his musician life as a vegan for the past 17 years. After supporting each other’s creativity over the course of a year the time had finally come to launch a product together. This collaboration on vegan leather Zip Pants features a patch of the Boris logo for Latest Album “NO” designed by skull artist Kazumichi Maruoka.

Takeshi of Boris has also come to know Blackmeans creator Yujiro Komatsu through punk/hardcore culture, and the two have formed a dense relationship over time. It is surprisingly unknown that ever since they met, they continued to have an affinity for each other’s different fields over the past 20 years.

ブランド創設以来定番アイテムとして発信し続けてきたblackmeansの名品 ZIP PANTSが、異素材のヴィーガンレザーを使用する事で新天地を切り開いた。

blackmeans初のVegan Leatherを手掛ける所以として、BorisAtsuoのヴィーガンとして17年のミュージシャンライフを継続してきた背景がある。お互いが身を寄せた創作期間一年の時間を重ね遂に世界同時発売の時が来た。今回のコラボレーションzip pants では“No”のアートワークから使用されている髑髏アーティスト丸岡和吾によるロゴをパッチとして採用。


Rocky & The SWEDEN, a Tokyo hardcore company that has had a long relationship with Boris and has been formed for 25 years this year. The other day, they performed with Boris at the 25th anniversary live concert. The Split cassette and his T-shirt set, which were distributed free of charge at the venue, are now on sale. To order, click the link below.■rocky-the-sweden-boris-split-cassette-t-shirt■/

Borisと長い親交があり、今年で結成25年を迎えた東京ハードコア・Rocky & The SWEDEN。先日、彼らの25周年記念ライブに於いてBorisと競演。会場で無料配布されたSplit カセットと Tシャツのセットを販売開始。オーダーは下記リンクから。

『NO World Tour “In Your Head” 2021』

The first installment of Boris’s Bandcamp Archive Season 3 is a live album from the release party for our latest studio album, “NO”. We are releasing the audio from our release party that took place in May of this year as a Bandcamp-limited release in high resolution format.

BorisのBandcampアーカイブ、Season3 第一弾は、最新スタジオアルバム『NO』のリリースパーティーからのライブアルバム。

NO World Tour “In Your Head” 2021 FAS-054

Boris New T-shirts and Tote Bag, now on sale at the  -nyd- .