Holy Mountain Printings is launching a new merchandises to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Boris.
The limited analogs of Boris “1985” and Boris with Michio Kurihara “不透明度 -You Laughed Like a Water Mark- Live at Shelter 20070204”, which were sold exclusively in Japan, will also be on sale at Holy Mountain Printings.
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6月10日発売のBoris30周年シングルシリーズ第1&第2弾は、アルバム『Heavy Rocks』(2002年)、『PINK』(2006年)から。今回の新規カッティングにあたって、TDマスターまで遡ってリマスタリング。各アルバムの代表曲を2曲づつ、改めて7inchフォーマットでシングルカット。


Boris / Heavy Rocks 7inch
1,650円 税込
Side A : Heavy Friends
Side B : Korosu

Boris / PINK 7inch
1,650円 税込
Side A : PINK
Side B : スクリーンの女  ーWoman on the Screenー

Special Announcement. Bongzilla and Boris have released a new 7 Inch Split Record. It’s out now and available for order today! This 7 inch will be co-released by Gungeon Records and Totem Cat Records in the US and Europe. The Bongzilla track is an alternate mix of their song – “Weedsconsin.” The Boris track is a cover song called “Down the Road,” by an old band from Iowa called “Truth and Janey.” This release is dedicated to the memory of John Hopkins.
US Pressing will be available at – Limited 666 Copies – 150 Green, 150 Purple, 200 White, 166 Clear
European Pressing will be available at – Limited 500 Copies – 150 Neon Green, 150 Neon Purple, and 200 Exclusive Split Color (Blue / Red)


両バンドの友人であり、2020年に他界したサウンドエンジニアJohn Hopkinsに捧げられたSplit 7inch.
BongzillaはJohnのレコーディングによる楽曲。Borisは互いが敬愛したバンド”Truth and Janey”の楽曲をカヴァー。
US バージョンとEUROバージョンでは、プレス枚数、ジャケット仕様、ヴァイナルの仕様、カラーが異なる。

[US version]
Boris Purple 150 / Bongzilla Green 150 / White 200 / Clear 166  (Total 666 limited press)
*– nyd –では全色販売

[Euro version]
Boris edition neon purple limited 150/ Bongzilla edition neon green limited 150, Totem cat edition sky blue & maroon limited 200
*– nyd –ではBoris edition neon purpleのみ販売

The pre-order for the new “W” Merchandise has started at Sacred Bones Records.
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Boris “W” pre-orders start on Dec. 24th. We’re also some special offers and new merch for purchese. Plese check here.

The 12 inch vinyl of “Reincarnation Rose” and the new merchandises and restock items are now on sale.
Released by Holy Mountain Printing.
is a clear + multi-colored splatter, limited.
You can order the special color limited vinyl “Reincarnation Rose”and the merchandises from here.

Boris New T-shirts and Tote Bag, now on sale at the  -nyd- .

New merch related to the “flood” can be ordered at Holy Mountain.Please check.